• About food

    • Make Every Day an Earth Day! Go Veggie!

      Many people say they are concerned about the environment – and with good reason! As it stands now, by centering our agricultural production around raising animals for meat, we are about to eat ourselves right off the planet. No single behavior is causing more destruction to our environment than raising animals for slaughter. Be part […]

  • Acupuncture

    • Acupuncture – The thoracic spine (lower part)

      Needling sites: – Tips of spinous processes – Interspinous ligament – Paraspinal muscles – Pain in chest wall (also local needling) Pain in the thoracic spine is sometimes harder to help than pain in other parts of the back. Some patients have Type B pain localized to the spines of the thoracic vertebrae and in […]

  • Ancient

    • What do we know about Cereals

      The most important cereals are wheat, rice, corn, buckwheat, barley, rye and oats. They are plants of the family Gramineae grown since the dawn of time which have provided most of the food for mankind. We have news of the probable existence of cereals since the Neolithic age. The cereals were cultivated in China five […]

  • Astrology

    • Say Cheese, Andes!

      Say Cheese, Andes!

      Susan Runco is an oceanographer at the Johnson Space Center. She’s part of a team of Earth scientists who’ve trained astronauts to take pictures from space. Susan Runco: I just tell people that when the photography does come back, it’s sort of like a Christmas present each time. You feel like you’re excited when the […]

  • Beverages


      2 1/2 cups water 4 cups sugar 1 cup wine vinegar 8 sprigs fresh mint Combine water and sugar and bring to a boil, stirring frequently until sugar dissolves. Add vinegar and simmer 1/2 hour. Remove from heat and plunge mint sprigs into hot syrup. Let cool and bottle (supposedly the syrup need not be […]

  • Botany

    • Algae: What properties are exploited?

      Indigestibility: Many kelps are largely indigestible. Inert material for delivery of medicinals. Inertness: Diatom fossils used embalming compounds, enamel polishes. Diatomaceous bricks ordered by Emperor Justinian to build the dome of the church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul in AD 532. Reduces glossiness in paint. Adsorption: Diatom fossils (Bacillariophyceae Limestone – diatomaceous earth) used to […]

  • Earth secrets

    • Predicting Earthquakes

      Some claim that animals — dogs, cats, horses and snakes — know when an earthquake is coming. If so, we humans haven’t learned to read their predictions. Is there any machine that can tell when earthquakes are going to happen or warn us? Machines called seismographs can measure the intensity of earthquakes as they’re happening. […]

  • Gardening

    • Seedling Care – Light intensity versus distance

      You’ll probably hear from someone the that light falls off as the inverse square of distance. This suggests that doubling the distance from light source to plant leaves will yield only 1/4 of the light intensity (1/(2^2) = 1/4). Tripling the distance would then yield only 1/9 of the light intensity (1/(3^2) = 1/9). This […]

  • Gym Shorts

    • Work Your Abdominals While You Walk

      Do you know of any methods to get an extra abdominal workout while walking? You can walk with walking poles to work your abs a bit. Or you can stop periodically and do standing crunches. Bend forward and put your hands on your thighs. Contract your abdominals as you slide your hands down your thighs […]

  • Health Conditions


      Description * Prostate cancer is a relatively slow growing tumor consisting of prostate cells that have ‘mistakes’ in their DNA or genetic coding and reproduce at an abnormal rate. If left to progress, the cells in the tumor may spread from the prostate (behind the penis, under the bladder) to lymph nodes and bones where […]

  • Healthy Life

    • High blood pressure

      I just found out that my blood pressure is high. If I start exercising, drinking water, dieting and avoiding salts, how soon should I expect a change? Dear, How long it will take to lower your blood pressure depends on how high it is. If it’s just mildly elevated — say about 140/90 — it […]

  • Herbs and Botanical Extracts

    • Collecting seeds

      lovage and salad burnet — I think the mature seeds on both of these are brown. Cut off lovage seed heads and store in a paper bag. I scrape salad burnet seeds into my palm, and into another paper bag. Be sure to label all seed containers. curley parsley – This is a biennial. Parsley is hard to […]

  • Life and Nature

    • Jellyfish Brain

      Jellyfish are among the most primitive animals alive today. Like their close relatives, sea anemones and corals, jellyfish have no head, no heart and no skeleton. But do jellyfish have a brain? Do jellyfish have a brain? Renaissance scholars thought jellyfish were plants. It wasn’t until the 18th century that they were recognized as animals. […]

  • Lifestyle

    • Call Your Doctor Right Now If You Used Fen-Phen or Redux

      Did you use the diet drugs fen-phen or Redux before they were taken off the market last fall? Have you been checked yet for signs of heart or lung disease? By now, you probably know that fenfluramine (the “fen” in fen-phen) and dexfenfluramine (trade name Redux) were pulled from the shelves, but you may not […]

  • Medical Folklore

    • Gods of Sickness and Healing

      A multicultural list Aesculapius – Greek god of healing Agni – Vedic god who caused fever Ashakku – Babylonian demon of fever Eshu Elegba – African trickster god, source of witches’ power to cause sickness Imhotep – Egyptian god of healing Innana – Babylonian goddess of fertility Mata – Northern Indian goddess who causes smallpox […]

  • Moms and kids

    • Making veggies fun

      How can I dress up broccoli, lima beans and other vegetables on my kids’ Most Hated List so they’ll eat them? Sometimes I sprinkle low-fat cheese on top. What else would work? Creamed soups. Like low-fat cheese, this simple topping can entice children to eat the vegetables they don’t like. There are other ways to […]

  • Mystic and Mysteries

    • Search for a frozen killer, Part II

      Search for a frozen killer, Part II

      The preparations for the dig are ready to begin. Workers place blue barriers on the ground to protect the fragile tundra environment, and set up a fence around the cemetery to keep the curious at a distance and give the scientists enough of a work area to erect their makeshift morgue. The white wooden crosses […]

  • Natural Food

    • Cooking With Herbs: Basil

      Basil is an especially easy annual herb plant to grow. Look for seed to sow in the vegetable garden or perennial bed next spring. Although it does not reseed in my yard it’s worth the effort to purchase seed every year. There are oodles of varieties available. In a copy of Shepherd’s 2012 Garden Seed […]

  • Natural Lifestyle

    • Peru: Archeological Treasure

      Today, Cusco is known as the ‘Archaeological capital of America’. About 50 miles northwest of Cusco, you will find Machu Picchu, the ruins of a fantastic fortress city of the ancient Incas–18 sq. km. of terraced stone walk linked by 3,000 steps, stone upon stone, fitted together perfectly without cement! This ‘Lost City of the […]

  • Natural Remedies

    • The use of clay – therapy

      Clay, a component of the Earth, the majority of soils, contains many minerals, trace elements and biological substances which ensure the life and health of animals and plants. Certain properties of clay-remineralizing, balancing and antitoxic- being used from antiquity until today as levers of maintenance of health and beauty. Types of clay Healing clay is […]

  • Raw Food

    • Rice 'N' Strawberries

      Ingredients: 1 cup soy milk 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1/2 cup raw cashews pinch sea salt 1/2 cup sliced strawberries 1 cup cooked brown rice, hot 1. In a blender, combine soy milk, vanilla extract, maple syrup, cashews, and salt. 2. Sprinkle strawberries over hot rice. 3. […]

  • Recipes

    • Craw-Shi Dip! (Salad with shiitake)

        Amounts Ingredients 1 lb. Fresh-boiled crawfish* (shrimp can be substituted) 2 Large artichokes 8 Medium shiitake (whole) 4 stalks Celery (chopped into 1 in. squares) 4 Carrots (chopped into 1 in. squares) 1 Large yellow onion (peeled and quartered) 5 cloves Garlic (unpeeled) 4 Bay leaves 2 T Salt 1 T Black pepper 1 […]

  • Science

    • Mind over Matter: Influence RNG

      The Mind over Matter experiment is the first experiment that uses a real random number generator (RNG) connected to the Internet. The RNG produces random bits ’1′ or ’0′ based upon electronic noise. These bits are used in the experiment to determine if an object on the screen will grow or shrink. The participant’s goal […]

  • Vitamins and Supplements

    • B vitamins help in osteoporosis cases

      Calcium is an essential mineral for the health of our bone system. But the same importance has even the folic acid intake and and other vitamins of the B complex, as the researchers say. Already known for the role of prevention of congenital malformations, these miraculous nutrimente seem to hold an important role and in […]

  • Walking Tips

    • Walking with hand weights

      I walk five miles in 50 minutes every morning, carrying the two-pound hand weights. I have heard this burns 40% more calories. How many extra calories do I burn carrying the weights? Walking with hand weights If you are walking ten-minute miles you are burning a heck of a lot of calories. For most people, […]

  • Weight Loss & Fitness

    • Muscle and Metabolism

      To make matters worse, slashing your calorie intake too drastically (under your body weight times 10 — so less than 1,300 calories for a 130 pound woman) can slow your metabolism even more. “When your body thinks the food supply is dangerously low, it goes into starvation mode and slows metabolism to preserve calories,” says […]

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