• About food

    • Doses and rice cooking

      The average doses for a portion are of 50 g for soups, 70 g for side dishes, 100 g for risotto, salads and desserts. The cooking times for a successful dish of rice are only indicative as they may vary according to taste. You may be aware, however, that a too long cooking reduces the […]

  • Acupuncture

    • Acupuncture for cancer and stroke

      Cancer Acupuncture has been used to treat pain in cancer sufferers with a good deal of success; Dr J Filshie, an anaesthetist at the Royal Marsden Hospital, has published several papers on this. Experience at RLHH has also been good. Patients may require quite frequent treatment and the intervals tend to get shorter as the […]

  • Ancient

    • The origins of writing

      The origins of writing

      As you read this, you are taking advantage of an invaluable communications tool that has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia 3000 years ago: the written word. But accepted therories on the origin of writing are in question since a 1998 discovery. At the time Reuters reported a German archaeologist’s Egyptian hieroglyphic find which gave rise […]

  • Astrology

    • Moon and Twins

      In November, you can spot Castor and Pollux in the constellation Gemini, ascending in the eastern sky. They’re noticeable for being bright and close together on the sky’s dome. Most people know just two bright stars in the constellation Gemini. Castor and Pollux represent the starry eyes of the two mythological Gemini Twins. Pollux is slightly […]

  • Beverages

    • Albana grapes

      The Albana, Aleatico and Arneis – italian grapes for wines

      Albana italian grapes has been grown in the northern region, Emilia-Romagna, since the 13th century. It is also found in the vineyards of Liguria, Lombardy and Tuscany. All together, Italy harvests about 30 million kilos of Albana grapes each year. Albana di Romagna DOCG is in southeast Emilia-Romagna. It gained its DOCG status in 1987 and is […]

  • Botany



      Phytotherapy in Paediatrics by Heinz Schilcher Natural Healing for babies and Children by Aviva Jill Romm Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants by Mary Bove There are (at least) two things going on here. One is quite simply information about how herbs can be used in children’s healthcare. But when taken together these […]

  • Earth secrets

    • Water to Shore

      In 1776, Ben Franklin left Philadelphia by ship for France. By carefully measuring water temperatures along the way, he was able to map the Gulf Stream. The motion of waves just moves a column or molecule of water up and down. Wouldn’t that mean that some water never hits a shore? All water — even […]

  • Gardening

    • Hosta La Vista Baby: Not Schwarzenegger

      Hosta La Vista Baby: Not Schwarzenegger

      The genus Hosta is the essential and could be the predominant perennial for your shade garden. Dare to compare Hosta with any other group of serviceable garden plants. Hosta has all of the positive traits such as low maintenance requirements, hardiness, shade tolerance, and beauty. They are native to China, Japan and Korea and have […]

  • Gym Shorts

    • Ab Toss Catch and curl

      Ab Toss Catch and Curl

      Pick up a ball for a new way to work your abdominal muscles. Here’s how to do the ab toss catch and curl correctly: Ab Toss Catch and Curl Lie on your back with your heels about three feet away from a solid wall and your knees slightly bent. While holding a medicine ball or […]

  • Health Conditions

    • Is there sex after hysterectomy?

      Q: I had a hysterectomy in 1996  at the age of 34 due to fibroids on the uterus. I regret that decision and wish I had gotten a second opinion. The doctor did not tell me what to expect, nor that there were other options. Since that time my sex drive has ceased to exist. My […]

  • Healthy Life

    • Bleeding after intercourse

      Is it normal to bleed for a few days after the first time you’ve had sexual intercourse? And what are the odds of getting a bladder infection when having sex regularly? Yes. The previously unstretched tissue was traumatized, so to speak, and that’s probably what caused the bleeding. If it persists, though, see a physician. […]

  • Herbs and Botanical Extracts


      Parts Used: Whole plant. Function: The essential oils in clary sage have a soothing euphoric effect on the body and mind. Uses: Clary sage is widely used for PMS, stress, muscular aches, stomach cramps and menstrual pain. It also relieves symptoms of asthma if massaged onto the chest, and prevents excessive sweating, which make it […]

  • Life and Nature

    • What’s beyond the most distant star?

      No one knows for sure because astronomers can’t see even as far as the farthest star. The sphere of space around Earth that we can see keeps growing as astronomers use new technologies. Right now astronomers can see about 14 billion light-years in any direction. That whole distance is filled with stars — in huge […]

  • Lifestyle

    • Body Piercing and Tattoos: Why do you do these things to yourself?

      BODY PIERCING AND tattoos are as mysterious to me as ordering a shrimp dinner at an IHOP. Why would any thinking person do it? Punching a hole in one’s skin for the purposes of hanging a small ornament or etching one’s skin with a colored ink — all in the name of fashion — to […]

  • Medical Folklore

    • What is “Medical Folklore”?

      In its broadest sense, “folk medicine” can be used to refer to such things as holistic medicine, midwifery, and medical beliefs and practices unique to individual family traditions. A stricter interpretation of the term may exclude traditional practices such as those procedures commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine. Regardless of how […]

  • Moms and kids

    • Chronic sinus infections?

      My daughter gets chronic sinus infections. Anytime she gets a cold, it turns into an infection and she has to take antibiotics. How can I keep her from getting these so often? There is a lot of confusion about colds, sinus infections and treatments for both. Most viral upper respiratory infections (colds) resolve over a […]

  • Mystic and Mysteries

    • The Body Reveals the Spirit

      “The body never lies”. Its tensions and movements, tone and color, posture and proportions, all express the person and the vitality within. The body speaks of one’s emotional history and deepest feelings, one’s personality and character. A drooping head, slumped shoulders, a caved-in chest, and a slow, burdened gait reflect feelings of weakness and defeat; […]

  • Natural Food

    • Black Bean Pasta & Soup

      Ingredients: 6 cucumbers ½ head cauliflower, steamed & chilled (½ cup pulp) ¼ cup diced yellow onions 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup unsweetened soy milk 1½ cups chopped tomatoes ¾ cups cooked black beans ½ cup escarole or kale ¼ cup chopped celery ¼ cup sliced carrots 2 tsp chopped fresh dill […]

  • Natural Lifestyle

    • Look Before You Leap

      There is a very simple truth that everyone seems to be overlooking: “It is much easier to prevent a problem, than it is to solve one.” Unfortunately, in our society, the drive for economic development and material enjoyment blinds us from the potential dangers that technology may cause. “It’s a good thing that this world […]

  • Natural Remedies

    • Yin, yang and qi – Traditional Chinese Medicine

      In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), every person is a miniature universe. You are yin and yang — two complementary forces like day and night. And your body is the interaction of five universal elements: water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. Fortunately, a river of life-giving energy known as qi flows through you, […]

  • Raw Food

    • Cream of Rice With Peaches & Honey

      Ingredients: 3 peaches (3/4 cup of pulp) 1 1/2 cups of water 1 cup of unsweetened soymilk 1/3 cup of cream of brown rice cereal or farina 2 tablespoons of light-colored honey (clover, tupelo, or wildflower) 1/2 cup of chopped dates 1/2 teaspoons pure almond extract dash of ground nutmeg Juice the peaches. Set aside […]

  • Recipes

    • Middle Eastern Cold Soup

      Ingredients: -2 cups plain low fat yogurt; -3 green onions, finely chopped; -2 medium cucumbers, chopped; -1/2 cup of small red raisons, washed and drained; -1/3 cup of Middle Eastern Blend herbs; -salt and pepper to taste. Save a little herb blend for decoration and crumble rest between palms of your hand, and add it […]

  • Science

    • What in helium makes your voice turn high?

      Sound gets started when a vibrating source — imagine a guitar string — pushes air particles out of the way. Those air particles bump neighboring particles. The particles move back and forth as the sound source vibrates. The faster the movement of the air particles, the higher-pitched the sound. Helium gas is lighter than the […]

  • Vitamins and Supplements

    • ZINC – antioxidant that protects the liver

      Function Zinc is used by the body to maintain proper healing, growth and health of tissue, promotes the health of the immune system and regulates the production from oil glands in the skin. Zinc is an antioxidant that protects the liver from chemical damage and prevents the formation of and destroys free radicals. It is […]

  • Walking Tips

    • New Athletic Shoes That Give You Blister

      I recently purchased a new pair of walking shoes. I like them, but there is one problem – I have blisters. Can I correct the problem by using insoles or thicker socks? I read that the best socks are those with a little wool for wicking moisture away from the skin. Any comments? It’s hard […]

  • Weight Loss & Fitness

    • Hunger – Curbing Bean Salad

      High fiber fills you up Long-term energy Quick and easy one-dish meal Intense flavor satisfies your tastebuds Salad ½ c. canned black beans (drain and rinse before measuring) ½ c. canned red kidney beans (drain and rinse before measuring) 1 c. frozen cut green beans, thawed ¼ c. chopped green onion ¼ c. chopped red […]

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