• About food

    • Looking for Fiber? Try Raspberries

      Looking for Fiber? Try Raspberries

      This oh-so-sweet fruit is a real hard hitter in the fiber department: 1 cup packs more fiber (5.8 g) than an equal amount of bran flakes or five dried prunes. This same amount also delivers five times the vitamin C (31 mg) of a peach, tops a whole rutabaga in folate (32 mcg), and serves […]

  • Acupuncture

    • Acupuncture – The thoracic spine (lower part)

      Needling sites: – Tips of spinous processes – Interspinous ligament – Paraspinal muscles – Pain in chest wall (also local needling) Pain in the thoracic spine is sometimes harder to help than pain in other parts of the back. Some patients have Type B pain localized to the spines of the thoracic vertebrae and in […]

  • Ancient

    • The Mesozoic Era - the 'Age of Dinosaurs'

      The Mesozoic Era – the ‘Age of Dinosaurs’

      The dinosaurs roamed the Earth during the Mesozoic Era, 248 to 65 million years ago, the second of three geological eras during which complex life forms with skeletons diversified. (The Paleozoic Era, meaning “ancient life”, is the first. The Cenozoic, meaning “recent life”, is the third and current era). As the Mesozoic Era was dominated […]

  • Astrology

    • Allen Telescope, Part 1

      To search for signs of life in outer space, scientists have had to borrow time on huge radio telescopes such as the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico. How a new kind of telescope could change all that? For 40 years, scientists have looked for evidence of intelligent life beyond Earth. Most of these searches have used […]

  • Beverages

    • Best Jerkey


  • Botany

    • The Herbal Menopause Book

      The Herbal Menopause Book

      Oh dear… a book by a female herbalist written for womyn about womyn’s stuff. Anything a guy says may be regarded prima facie as partially or wholly suspect; but the author kindly submitted a copy to the Herbal Bookworm for review – so, somewhat daunted the Bookworm rises to the challenge…. The two outstanding features […]

  • Earth secrets

    • Scientists turn weapons into tools

      Scientists turn weapons into tools

      The U.S. military uses small, remote-controlled airplanes for combat and spying. These are called uninhabited aerial vehicles, or UAVs. But Frank Cutler and his colleagues see a whole new use for these aircraft. Frank Cutler: . . . we’re exploring the use of UAVs, trying to heavily leverage what the Department of Defense has invested […]

  • Gardening

    • Flowers and vegetables – recomandations for 2012

      Gardeners are looking for new plants every year. Here are new flowers and vegetables. The varieties are listed al-phabetically by class, with the seed source listed in parentheses after the description. The designation “R” means a retail seed company from which gardeners may purchase seed directly by mail order or also in stores that carry […]

  • Gym Shorts

    • Myths of spot-reduction

      I’m basically petite and proportionate, but my upper thighs and hips are rather fat and wide. As a result, I’m not inclined to wear short skirts or even tight jeans. How can I lose the fat in these areas? Are there any exercises? Unfortunately, there’s no magical way to get rid of fat from a […]

  • Health Conditions

    • Help for athletes’ incontinence

      Q: I have been running for six months. I have done some 5K runs, and I do pretty well on time. The problem is I have trouble with incontinence just during races. I have been able to cover it up, but it is very uncomfortable. I do use the bathroom right before I run. Any suggestions? […]

  • Healthy Life

    • Parasites – Unwanted Guests

      What exactly is a Parasite? This creature is a life form that lives off another life form to its own benefit and to the host’s (the animal or human body infected by the parasite) detriment. In the West, parasites are most often thought to be a problem of Third World Countries. The parasite problem however, […]

  • Herbs and Botanical Extracts

    • Hemlock Oil in Salad dressing?

      Q: A friend told me to season my salad dressing with hemlock oil; I am suspicious and a little apprehesive about using anything i don’t know about and it tastes really bad!! Does anyone have any info on this herb or oil i should say could it be dangerous? A: Your friend is probably referring […]

  • Life and Nature

    • Big Bend National Park: Fossils

      Big Bend National Park: Fossils

      Big Bend is rich in fossils. Probably the most famous and awesome is that representing a winged creature called a Pterosaur. This extinct dinosaur weighed about 150 pounds and had a 36-foot wing span. In other words, the distance from one wing tip to another was about the same as the height of a four-story […]

  • Lifestyle

    • The Story of a Changed Man

      Darrell was recently retired from the military as a slim and fit 35 year old with a 33-inch waste when he started his career with the fast food industry. As manager, Darrell worked, ate, and breathed fast food. However, his metabolism was no match for a diet of cheeseburgers and French fries and after only […]

  • Medical Folklore

    • Chinese Medicine

      Chinese medical traditions developed from 2852 B.C. to 220 A.D. The Chinese believed in a world spirit, the Tao, and a cosmic balance between two opposing forces, the Yin and the Yang. The dichotomy of yin and yang was seen everywhere in the Chinese world — female was yin, male was yang; darkness was yin, […]

  • Moms and kids

    • treat your baby bad breath

      Baby bad breath – Treat infant with herbs and love

      “My baby son is almost 20 months old. Since he was about 8-months-old my baby bad breath has smelled sour. He had a lung infection twice and gets diarrhea easily. Is this halitosis? Should I be worried?” It really does catch your attention when you can smell baby bad breath (halitosis) in your baby. Just like […]

  • Mystic and Mysteries

    • Truth about Death?

      IT’S SCARY. IT’S mysterious! It’s inevitable! It’s our old friend, Death! We’re all heading toward it. There’s no way around it and there’s no turning back. But what happens to us after we die — if anything — is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Is there a heaven and/or a hell? What’s the afterlife like? […]

  • Natural Food

    • Frosted Lemon Cookies

      Healthy Holiday Recipes

      When holiday parties and gatherings fill your calendar, all the heavy dishes can leave you battling holiday weight gain. For a lighter twist on your traditional favorites, try serving up these tasty dishes. Trimmed Spinach Dip Try this lower fat version of your favorite spinach dip. By using nonfat yogurt instead of mayonnaise, and vegetables […]

  • Natural Lifestyle

    • Vegetarians Don't Eat Fish

      In the transition to a vegetarian diet, fish is almost always the last thing eliminated by aspiring vegetarians. For some odd reason, fish seem to be the least objectionable item among the flesh foods. As a vegetarian, I’ve noticed that the question most commonly posed to me is “Do you eat fish?” I usually just […]

  • Natural Remedies

    • Sango Coral – Japanese natural medicine

      In these changing times, the status of our health may suffer. A very good “medicine” comes in our help to influence the metabolism, to confer resistance to the body in the face of environmental factors. Calcium, this white metal is vital for the human body. We find it even in drinking water, but because the […]

  • Raw Food

    • Wheat Grass Surprise

      This is a good drink for those who like to avoid sugar. It sounds a bit extreme ~ but it tastes good! 1 oz fresh wheat grass juice or freeze dried equivalent 1 tsp minced ginger 1/2 papaya 2 oz aloe vera gel 1 cup decaffeinated green tea or celery juice

  • Recipes

    • Cherry-Cheese Crepes

      Cherry-Cheese Crepes

      Crepes sound fattening, but they needn’t be. This version features a rich-tasting, low-fat filling made from dark sweet cherries, nonfat cottage cheese and yogurt. Extra health benefits: Lower cholesterol, stronger immunity Times: Prep: 8 min.; Standing: 2 hr.; Cooking: 16 min. Makes: 4 servings Per serving: Calories: 128 Fat: 0.4 g. (3% of calories) Fiber: […]

  • Science

    • What in helium makes your voice turn high?

      Sound gets started when a vibrating source — imagine a guitar string — pushes air particles out of the way. Those air particles bump neighboring particles. The particles move back and forth as the sound source vibrates. The faster the movement of the air particles, the higher-pitched the sound. Helium gas is lighter than the […]

  • Vitamins and Supplements

    • B vitamins help in osteoporosis cases

      Calcium is an essential mineral for the health of our bone system. But the same importance has even the folic acid intake and and other vitamins of the B complex, as the researchers say. Already known for the role of prevention of congenital malformations, these miraculous nutrimente seem to hold an important role and in […]

  • Walking Tips

    • Calculating your mileage

      I’m a new member of a walking club. I stopped smoking a year ago and gained 30 pounds. I started walking to meet my goals and the walking club helps me. I can walk for 30 minutes to an hour, depending how my day goes. But how do I calculate the time I walk into […]

  • Weight Loss & Fitness

    • Perform Past Your Plateau

      I used to weigh 230 pounds, but I’ve gotten down to 160 with exercise and eating right. I want to lose more, but I’ve been stuck at this weight for about six weeks. Can you help? Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment! Don’t get discouraged. Hitting plateaus are often part of weight loss. Sometimes your body […]

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