• About food

    • Fabulous finger foods

      I am planning a late afternoon/early evening get-together with friends to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday. Of course, I plan on having birthday cake, but what else? I’m looking for finger food suggestions that would be easy to eat, because guests may be standing due to limited seating space. Without hesitation, I recommend lutefisk. Lutefisk […]

  • Acupuncture

    • Acupuncture – Medial thigh area

      Indication: – pain in knee, especially in young patients. Posterior thigh area (hamstrings) Radiation: – forwards, to lower part of quadriceps Indication: – pain at or just above knee.

  • Ancient

    • Diagnosing an enigmatic Pharaoh

      Diagnosing an enigmatic Pharaoh

      One of history’s most enigmatic characters may be one step closer to being understood, thanks to the research of a fledgling Canadian Egyptologist. Alwyn Burridge, an Egyptology doctoral student at the University of Toronto, has been dogging the mystery of the strange appearance of Akhenaten, the “rebel pharaoh” who was one of history’s first recorded […]

  • Astrology

    • Say Cheese, Andes!

      Say Cheese, Andes!

      Susan Runco is an oceanographer at the Johnson Space Center. She’s part of a team of Earth scientists who’ve trained astronauts to take pictures from space. Susan Runco: I just tell people that when the photography does come back, it’s sort of like a Christmas present each time. You feel like you’re excited when the […]

  • Beverages

    • Barbera grapes for wine the one of the world's most grown

      Barbera grapes for wine the one of the world’s most grown

      In Italy, it is more widely planted than Sangiovese and Nebbiolo and in California the acreage is comparable to Merlot. Barbera grapes and its high acidity thrives in warmer climates. Low tannins is another characteristic of Barbera wines, but they are higher than Piedmont’s other “cheap” grape, Dolcetto and much lower than the prized Nebbiolo. […]

  • Botany

    • People’s use of algae

      What are algae? Algae are a photosynthetically diverse group of organisms, including the cyanobacteria (previously called blue-green algae), ranging in size from bacteria (0.2-2 microns) to giant kelps (tens [40]of metres). They are nearly all aquatic. They are classified in two Kingdoms. Red and green algae are included in the Kingdom Plantae, the Brown algae […]

  • Earth secrets

    • Sea Level Rising

      The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that — on average, in the past century — sea level rose 10 to 25 centimeters — that’s 4 to 10 inches. Scientists agree that sea level has been rising since Earth’s climate began to warm at the end of the last ice age. But the rate of sea […]

  • Gardening

    • Safe & Savory Sprouting Seeds

      Adzuki Alfalfa Barley (steam or stir-fry before eating) Buckwheat (steam or stir-fry before eating) Broccoli Brussel Sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower Clover Cress Fenugreek Kale Lentil (steam or stir-fry before eating) Lettuce Millet (steam or stir-fry before eating) Mung Bean Mustard Pea (steam or stir-fry before eating) Radish Rice (steam or stir-fry before eating) Rye Sesame (steam […]

  • Gym Shorts

    • drop-a-dress-size lose a dress size

      Lose a Dress Size in 8 Weeks – aerobic

      Lose a Dress Size in 8 Weeks – exercise Aerobic exercise increases blood circulation, making it heart and lung healthy. But it also burns fat from all over the body. Remember: No matter what anyone tells you, you can’t spot-reduce fat. You can, however, tone and tighten specific muscle groups. Strength or resistance training increases […]

  • Health Conditions

    • Exercise safety for pregnant women

      Q: I’m a long distance runner and recently discovered I am pregnant (4-5 weeks). I have continued running but stopped training vigorously (I compete in marathons at a reasonably high level). I have been adhering to a recommendation of keeping my heart rate at 140-150 bpm, but I have found it difficult to move slowly enough […]

  • Healthy Life

    • Listening to Your Body and Its Needs

      In order to heal our bodies, we have to give them credit for their innate wisdom. You don’t need to know exactly why something is happening in your body in order to respond to it. You don’t need to know why your heart is racing, or why you feel like crying. Understanding comes after you […]

  • Herbs and Botanical Extracts

    • CHAPARRAL acts to prevent the formation of free radicals

      Parts Used: Leaves. Function: Powerful antioxidants in chaparral act to prevent the formation of free radicals, which is linked with the onset of some cancers and with premature aging. Chaparral also has anti-inflammatory properties. Uses: Chaparral is used to protect against the effects of radiation and sun exposure, for diarrhea, the swelling of arthritis and […]

  • Life and Nature

    • Big Bend National Park

      Big Bend National Park

      The full moon rises high and clear over the Chihuahuan Desert. It’s autumn in the late 1700s. A couple of centuries from now—at the end of the 20th Century—the full moon at this time of year will bear the benign name Harvest Moon. But, in the 1700s, the inhabitants of northern Mexico call this the […]

  • Lifestyle

    • Flowers An Affinity for Aesthetics (Expressly for Men)

      Flowers An Affinity for Aesthetics (Expressly for Men)

      A woman appreciates the emotional beauty of a setting. She’ll be more receptive to the pleasurable possibilities of the evening if you welcome her into a harmonious environment where she can cast aside the day’s stresses and refresh. Keep in mind that men and women enjoy a different path to pleasure. You might choose to […]

  • Medical Folklore


      History Assyrian/Babylonian medicine developed in Mesopotamia from 3000 B.C. to 1648 B.C. The Babylonian doctors operated within a culture that believed in fearsome gods who used illness to punish people for their sins. These gods included Nergal, god of plagues, Namtaru, the sick-maker, Ashaku, fever demon, and Pazuzu, demon of sickness. The gods were capricious […]

  • Moms and kids

    • What is an imperforated hymen?

      I recently took my three-year-old daughter for a check-up. The doctor said she has an imperforated hymen. What is this and is it a severe and urgent problem? Imperforate hymen is a congenital anomaly of the lower part of the female genital tract, at the level of the vagina. The normal hymen is a ring […]

  • Mystic and Mysteries

    • The Science of Star Trek

      The Science of Star Trek

      The universe that Gene Roddenberry envisioned for the 24th Century is one filled with some pretty stunning gadgets: replicators that can create food from nothing; transporters that can take people from orbiting ships to planet surfaces in the wink of an eye; guns that can vaporize solid rock or knock out enemy agents; and sensors […]

  • Natural Food

    • Sprouts: The Perfect Winter Vegetable

      I defy winter behind the tomato soup cans in my pantry. The sprouts hidden away in my kitchen are full of life even when cold weather brings my vegetable garden to a halt. Grown indoors, at room temperature, in the dark, sprouts grow no matter what winter brings. Sprouts, edible seedlings, are usually grown from […]

  • Natural Lifestyle

    • Brazil: Land Of Soja

      From the earliest years of colonial era, the economy of Brazil was based on export crops, which were dependent on slave labor for its production. In the beginning, it was sugar cane. Then the world trend shifted to cotton, then to cocoa, rubber and coffee. In all these products, Brazil remained one of the largest […]

  • Natural Remedies

    • The use of clay – therapy

      Clay, a component of the Earth, the majority of soils, contains many minerals, trace elements and biological substances which ensure the life and health of animals and plants. Certain properties of clay-remineralizing, balancing and antitoxic- being used from antiquity until today as levers of maintenance of health and beauty. Types of clay Healing clay is […]

  • Raw Food

    • Cream of Quinoa

      Ingredients: 1/2 cup quinoa 1 cup filtered water 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 1/2 cup silken tofu 2 tablespoons walnuts 1 orange, chopped 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup 2 tablespoons protein powder 1. Bring quinoa and salted water to a boil. Cover and cook over low heat until tender, about 15 minutes. 2. Mix in the […]

  • Recipes

    • New Recipe – French Onion Soup

      One simple change eliminated a ton of calories and fat from classic onion soup: We cooked the onions in a pan coated with no-stick spray rather than sautéing them in a pool of butter and oil. To further lighten the dish, we used a small amount of reduced-fat mozzarella instead of a heavy topping of […]

  • Science

    • What is antimatter, and how can we detect it?

      All matter is made of atoms, and atoms are made in part of electrically charged particles called protons and electrons. In normal matter, electrons always have a negative electrical charge, and protons always have a positive charge. But physicists have found that, for every type of particle, there’s an antiparticle — with the opposite electric […]

  • Vitamins and Supplements

    • CoQ10- what do you know about it?

      Q: I have heard alot of benefits of using CoQ10, such as helping heart problems, cancer, immune problems & diabetes. I just recently read that it could help with weight loss also. Does anyone know if this is true? Because I really don’t need to lose weight !! A: CoQ10 is an antioxidant similar to vitamin E. […]

  • Walking Tips

    • Walking with Plantar Fasciitis

      I’m frustrated. I have to lose 60 pounds. I’ve always fought my weight, but it’s been coming on faster the last ten years. I am 52 years old. I want to walk, but I have Plantar Fasciitis in both feet. I know it’s because I pronate, but I pronate because the excess weight changed my […]

  • Weight Loss & Fitness

    • Shapely Shoulders

      Exercise your upper body for a change with these six simple shoulder shapers. Your thighs may be great. Your butt, too. But even though striding, sweat flying, through the neighborhood does wonders for your lower body, the effort’s all but lost above your waist. To tone your upper back, arms, and shoulders, you have to […]

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