Look Before You Leap

There is a very simple truth that everyone seems to be overlooking: “It is much easier to prevent a problem, than it is to solve one.” Unfortunately, in our society, the drive for economic development and material enjoyment blinds us from the potential dangers that technology may cause. “It’s a good thing that this world … Continue reading Look Before You Leap

Genetic Engineering

Part 1 of 2 in the “Designing Disaster” series. Unless you’ve been comatose for the last decade, you have undoubtedly become aware that genetic engineering has seized control of the marketplace with unprecedented growth and investment, due in part to the shocking complacency of the general public. Multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns funded by large trans-national … Continue reading Genetic Engineering

A Fishy Tale: Part 4

A Fairy Tale Once upon a time, twenty years ago, in a far away place called Newfoundland, a magician was practicing his spells. He was a rather forgetful magician and one night he left a fish in one of his tanks by mistake. The tank froze completely over, with the fish still in it!!! Fortunately … Continue reading A Fishy Tale: Part 4

Humane Slaughter?

In May of 2002, IBP- the world’s largest meatpacking “chain”- made headlines when employees of a Washington slaughterhouse complained that 10-30% of the cows were getting skinned and dismembered while still alive. By federal law, animals are supposed to be unconscious before they are brought to slaughter. But IBP employees said that the line moves … Continue reading Humane Slaughter?

Herb Crafting: A Living Wreath

Oh no !! It’s almost winter and you are already longing for some fresh herbs from your garden. You don’t have to wait until Spring to enjoy the taste and smell of fresh herbs. Why not make a living herbal wreath to keep you company this winter? It would also be the perfect gift for … Continue reading Herb Crafting: A Living Wreath

How Much Pesticide is Enough?

Many human diseases can be attributed to the presence of pesticides in our foods. Everything from cancers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, immune deficiencies (especially!), lung and nerve damage, asthma, hay fever, and lots of allergies- all of these afflictions stem from pesticides There is no doubt that unless the foods sold in markets … Continue reading How Much Pesticide is Enough?


Parts Used: Root. Function: Licorice has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Uses: * Traditionally licorice was used by the Chinese for coughs, sore throats, diabetes, fever, inflammation, tuberculosis and to soothe and coat the digestive and urinary tract. * Currently licorice is used in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as asthma, coughs and bronchitis … Continue reading LICORICE ROOT, GAN CAO