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Veggie Pregnancy

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Dear Friends,
My purpose in writing this article is to show women that being vegetarian is natural, safe and healthy. Unfortunately the meat industries with their relentless propaganda and advertisements have people so confused that we actually ask the question: Can a vegetarian safely get all the nutrients needed while pregnant to produce a healthy baby?

The reality is that being vegetarian is a natural way of eating and has been practiced by choice for thousands of years by millions of people around the world. Eastern cultures such as the Chinese, Japanese and Indians have a background deeply established in vegetarianism. The early fathers of Western thought such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were all vegetarians. Why? Because they concluded that the killing and eating of flesh was in opposition to their growing understanding of the natural laws of the universe. But a person does not have to be a scientist or deep philosopher to understand why or how to be a vegetarian.

I don’t have any M.D. or Ph.D. after my name, but what I am basing the following article on, is my past 26 years of experience in raising my eight children – all healthy, vibrant vegetarians. I recently calculated that over the past years I have spent approximately seven years being pregnant and sixteen years breast-feeding, and I still go all funny at the knees whenever I see a newborn baby!

In the following sections I have included nutritional information for the pregnant mum and personal descriptions of my children’s births to show the natural outcome of my pregnancies as a vegetarian.

Nutritional Information

Helping the child in the womb

Personal accounts of giving birth

Birthing Tips


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