10 Secrets for eye care

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so we must maintain this mirror as clean as we can and well presented. Take care of your eyes! They are very important, provindg us one of the fifth senses.

  1. Avoid using “incorrect” Visual capabilities, meaning all the negative impressions due to some scenes of violence or horror of films. These scenes can cause physical and emotional imbalances by releasing stress hormones in large quantity.
  2. Every morning, refresh your eyes with cold water and rinse them with curative qualities, with a special water (water with herbs, milk, spring water with crystals …).
  3. Opt for a full, balanced diet, including fresh fruit and vegetables in sufficient quantities.
  4. Give yourself enough time to rest and sleep. Before you sleep, massage your feet with some ghee since some areas reflexes of the foot stimulates the ocular nerves,  improves and enhances the capabilities of the Visual.
  5. Relaxe your eyes with the help of meditation exercises.
  6. Allow the energy to penetrate  deep in your eyes with your hands hands (place your hands on your eyes and keep them there for 5-10 minutes).
  7. Drain your eyes in the first morning rays of the Sun, refresh them  in the beautiful light of the full moon.
  8. Be careful at the experience of shapes, colours and materials through cuisine, or the work with the needle. Examine in what relationships are objects with each other.
  9. Face life with eyes wide open and sinking your looking up in the soul of things.
  10. Love passionately human beings, nature, life and observe the world with other eyes.

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