Tracking bird migration with radar routes

Tracking Bird Migration with Radar

The same technology used to detect weather systems and airborne phenomena is a major source of ornithological information, particularly during spring and fall bird migrations. Radars (Radio Detection and Ranging) are useful in studying the flight patterns, locations and densities of migratory birds — information that is otherwise difficult to observe, since many birds migrate …

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Egyptian hieroglyphics - the origins of writing

The origins of writing

As you read this, you are taking advantage of an invaluable communications tool that has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia 3000 years ago: the written word. But accepted therories on the origin of writing are in question since a 1998 discovery. At the time Reuters reported a German archaeologist’s Egyptian hieroglyphic find which gave rise …

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Tabula smaragdina astrological chart

The Astrological Chart Natal Hexagram or I Ching – Discover the Power

The astrological chart Natal Hexagram is one of my major interests in the study of the mysteries is the investigation of parallels between various disciplines. Whether these parallels are the result of independent orgin or by communication between the different cultures in most cases is a gray area that cannot be precisely pinpointed. This is very …

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