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margherita cake

Puff pastry margherita cake

The ingredients for the dough preparation are as follows: 150 g of flour, 150 g starch, 325 g of sugar, 100 g of butter, 5 eggs and 10 egg yolks. It uses the same technique as that of the génoise pastry.

Boy, What A Lemon!

This time of year, TV is loaded with commercials showing children coming in from the frozen tundra to the warm comfort of a hot, steaming bowl of soup. Well, soup is a “comfort” food, and it does warm you from the inside out – but it doesn’t PERK you up. Dark, cold gray days scream …

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The Sacher Torte Recipe

The Sacher cake is prepared almost as sand cake: 200 g of butter, 500 g of flour, 100 g of starch, 3 whole eggs But replace the flour with 60 g of starch, 60 g chopped almonds, 80 g of sweet cocoa. It spreads when the cake is cool with apricot jelly, and cover with …

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