• Lung (LU)
  • Large Intestine (LI or Co)
  • Stomach (S)
  • Spleen (Sp)
  • Heart (HT)
  • Small Intestine (SI)
  • Urinary Bladder (B or BL)
  • Kidney (K)
  • Pericardium (PC) – also called Sex and Circulation
  • Triple Warmer (TE)
  • Liver (Liv, LR)
  • Gall Bladder (G or GB)


Conception Vessel (CV)
Governing Vessel (GV)

The sequence used in the above table is that found in books on traditional Chinese medicine because it corresponds to the way that chi is supposed to flow. However you will probably find the overall picture easier to grasp if you ignore the traditional description and instead think of the channels if they were real anatomical structures that might be described in a modern textbook. If we do this, we find that they can be arranged in two main classes. There is an upper limb group and a lower limb group. The upper limb group can be further subdivided into an anterior and a posterior group, but this is more difficult in the lower limb group. The table below sets out this arrangement and also indicates the main areas in which the various channels run, together with the sequence of point numbering (distal-proximal or vice versa).

Certain features of this table should be noted.

  • Some of the lower limb channels (G, S, and BL) have a very long course and wide distribution, literally from head to foot.
  • Certain channels cross each other, especially Lr and Sp.
  • G is the only truly lateral channel, BL the only truly posterior channel.
  • For much of its course on the back, BL is doubled.



Anterior group

Lu radial shoulder/hand prox-dist
P median shoulder/hand prox-dist
H ulnar axilla/hand prox-dist

Posterior group
LI radial hand/face dist-prox
T median hand/face dist-prox
SI ulnar hand/face dist-prox


G lateral head/foot prox-dist
S anterior head/foot prox-dist
B(UB) posterior head/foot prox-dist

K post/med foot/chest dist-prox
Liv medial foot/chest dist-prox
Sp medial foot/chest dist-prox


CV anterior perineum/chin inf-sup
GV posteriod coccyx/upper lip inf-sup

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