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Buddhist sculpture 1

Buddhist sculpture

Bddhist sculpture was introduced to from China and Korea, and from the 6th through the 8th century Japanese Buddhist sculpture closely followed continental prototypes.A more native style did not evolve until the 9th century. Most early sculpture was rendered in gilt bronze or wood.Continental models provided the stylistic framework for much of the sculpture produced …

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Buddhist iconography 2

Buddhist iconography

In Japanese Buddhism, Buddhist deities are divided into four principal gropes:NYORAI,BOSATSU,TEMBU,AND MYOO.Each group has a specific vocabulary of costume, stance, and symbolic gesture represented in paintings and sculpture, and individual deities within each group have additional identifying attributes. A nyorai is a Buddha and is generally shown in plain monk’s raiment,without decoration.Among the nyorai are …

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Buddhist art: Esoteric Buddhism 3

Buddhist art: Esoteric Buddhism

In part as a reaction to the state Buddhism symbolized by Todaiji and the Nara Daibutu, a new regime moved the capital to Heiankyou(Kyoto)in 794.Largely coincidental with this move was the emergence into prominence of mikkyo”the secret teaching” a system of esoteric Buddhist belief and practice that was tobe articulated in the Shingon sect and …

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Like Japanese Bbuddhism itself,Japanese Buddhist art was a national variant of an international tradition.In Japan the Buddhist art forms that were periodically introduced from China and Korea were tempered in the crucible of local custom and usage ,to yield a rich tradition of religious art and architecture. Buddhism was formally transmitted to Japan from China …

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Diagnosing an enigmatic Pharaoh 11

Diagnosing an enigmatic Pharaoh

One of history’s most enigmatic characters may be one step closer to being understood, thanks to the research of a fledgling Canadian Egyptologist. Alwyn Burridge, an Egyptology doctoral student at the University of Toronto, has been dogging the mystery of the strange appearance of Akhenaten, the “rebel pharaoh” who was one of history’s first recorded …

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Ice Ages and Glaciation 14

Ice Ages and Glaciation

We think of ice caps on our planet as “normal,” because in the recent past there has always been polar ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. However, if we look at all of Earth history we find that there are also extended periods in which there were no polar ice caps. The growth …

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