Wanna know about the unknown? New discovered things about the past, about the old civilizations, about the ancestors, about who we really are. Where do we come from?


To the ancient Egyptians a person had two memories: one was permanent, as long as the body was preserved after death; the other was transitory, and left the body upon death. The permanent memory was called the KA, and was thought of much like our DNA. It contained all that was necessary to recreate the …



The Prophet Elijah didn’t understand why the people who believed in BAAL kissed statues, or more correctly, statuettes of that so-called God. He was not alone. Even the priests of BAAL didn’t know the answer to this ancient mystery. Throughout the world of today, there are remnants of this ancient ritual, from the Blarney Stone …


The Piltdown Forgery 1

The Piltdown Forgery

The Question of Human Origins What does it mean to be human? What makes us different from the rest of the animals on this planet? Are we humans really just highly evolved apes? These questions have dogged us humans since we were first aware of ourselves as somehow unique from other animals. In 1859, an …

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Buddhist art: Pure Land Buddhism

Even though esotericism remained a major element in Japanese religious life,by the close of the 10th-century it had begun to give way as a system of popular belief to Pure Land faith and practice.In the Pure Land tradition worship focused on the Buddha Amida and on rebirth in his Western Paradise,or Pure Land, called Gokuraku.Artworks …

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Egyptian mummy uncovered 8

Egyptian mummy uncovered

It’s not been since 1923 that anyone has uncovered an undisturbed Egyptian mummy’s chamber. But Czech archeologists did just that – and last Friday, they brought the media to Abu Sir, just south of Cairo to witness the opening of the enormous, 50-tonne stone sarcophagus at the centre of the tomb. It’s believed to hold …

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