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Everything is changing and transient from one moment to another. In this life I have the opportunity to change something by telling everyone something about truth, nature, love, universe, peace and tranquility, balance and respect we should have for nature around us.

Coral and Sea Level

Emma-Kate Potter is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University. She tracks the history of sea level changes by studying growth cycles of ancient coral. Emma-Kate Potter: So in the past, sea level has gone up and down, and up and down. And coral can grow at any of those times. They particularly like …

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Scientist explains warming link to hurricanes 1

Scientist explains warming link to hurricanes

Not all scientists agree, but some studies indicate global warming is changing the intensity of hurricanes. Kevin Trenberth is one whose research indicates this connection. Trenberth is head of the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Earth’s air and oceans both are warming, and, Trenberth said, for every 1 degree Fahrenheit …

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Key to coping with uncertainty: be flexible 4

Key to coping with uncertainty: be flexible

Some of society’s biggest challenges — such as climate change, global health and terrorism — are also the hardest to overcome because of uncertainty about the future. Steven Popper is an economist at the RAND Corporation. He uses computer simulations to search for strategies that are “robust,” meaning they’re effective under many different possible future …

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Pulsars Discovered 5

Pulsars Discovered

Imagine you’re an astronomy student gathering data, and suddenly your radio telescope receives regular signals from deep space. It happened to Jocelyn Bell in 1967. This is for Wednesday, November 28. On today’s date in 1967, a new kind of star was discovered by a graduate student at Cambridge University. Jocelyn Bell was sifting through …

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Basking Sharks

Basking sharks are found in temperate coastal waters across our planet. These sharks are big — second in size only to whale sharks. In summer, they’re easy to spot, swimming lazily at the ocean surface. But every winter basking sharks just . . . disappear. Scientists thought they were hibernating. It took only a few …

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