Andrew C

Everything is changing and transient from one moment to another. In this life I have the opportunity to change something by telling everyone something about truth, nature, love, universe, peace and tranquility, balance and respect we should have for nature around us.

Epsom Salts

Few could argue with the soothing effects of a nice, warm bath. And when you add epsom salts, a warm bath just might be even better. What some experts say about epsom salts. How does soaking in epsom salts work to soothe sore muscles? After a hard day’s work, you might enjoy kicking back and soaking …

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Sky Dust

The sky is full of invisible dust that can help scientists study weather patterns, pollution, and the history of the solar system. But this dust isn’t just for scientists — kids are collecting and studying it, too. Tons of tiny dust particles fall onto our planet every day — pollen, insect parts, soot — and …

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Sandra Faber 1

Sandra Faber

In 1990, astronomer Sandra Faber diagnosed — and later helped correct — a major flaw in the Hubble Space Telescope. We talk with her about her current work on how galaxies form and evolve. Sandra Faber is an astronomer at the University of California’s Lick Observatory. She’s renowned for her studies of how galaxies form …

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Blue Crabs

It’s thought that life evolved in the sea, and the saltiness of most animals’ blood reflects this ancient history. How one marine species preserves the salt balance in its blood, even in nearly fresh water . A reader wrote in with this question, “Blue crabs thrive in salt water but I’ve heard that crabs placed …

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Tracking Bird Migration with Radar 6

Tracking Bird Migration with Radar

The same technology used to detect weather systems and airborne phenomena is a major source of ornithological information, particularly during spring and fall bird migrations. Radars (Radio Detection and Ranging) are useful in studying the flight patterns, locations and densities of migratory birds — information that is otherwise difficult to observe, since many birds migrate …

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