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Beat Insomnia Naturally- End Sleepless Nights – Safe techniques that’s helped many people

You’ve bored yourself of sleepless nights, to tears counting sheep – and when that didn’t work, you moved on to goats, cows and former child stars who’ve turned their sorry lives into talk show fodder. The fact is, trying to force yourself to sleep is stressful business. And the harder you try to drop off […]

The Phloxes Flowers

Many wildflowers bloom early in spring, making use of sunlight that reaches the ground before the trees leaf out. Some are ephemeral, disappearing in summer’s heat. I prefer double-duty plants, whose foliage remains as a groundcover or background. The Phlox wildflowers are among the loveliest of these. Wild Blue Phlox One of my favorites is […]

Algae: What are the uses and the useful substances?

Algae – Whole plant – food!160 species of algae (Simpson) are used for food most coming from 3 genera (Porphyra, Laminaria, Undaria). Up to 75% of their dry bulk is indigestible. Kelps (Kombu) vegetables in Japan and China Porphyra (nori) north Pacific. Nori – Japan since AD 533- 544; cultivation since 1623-49; when Japanese fishermen […]

Importance of the Liver on Your Health and Wellbeing

After suffering poor health for many years, I embarked on some extensive personal research into potential causes of my condition. I tried all kinds of remedies but ended up confused and frustrated, not realizing that I was treating the symptom, rather than the cause. Further research lead to the conclusion that the root of the problem […]

Tips and tricks for growing African Violets

If you like African Violets and you want to grow them, there are a few things you might consider: When the hot weather and vacations are here, your African violets may need extra help to make it through. If high temperatures are getting the best of your plants a fan can help disperse heat generated […]

African Violet care – How to grow Saintpaulia

Saintpaulia plant, known as African violet is part of Gesneriaceae family, brought from Africa and acclimatized all the world. If you know how to take good care, you will enjoy her amazing flower. African violet is not demanding, is easy to care for, even for beginners. Here are some conditions this beautiful floweris asking for: Light African Violets like a lot of Bright Light, […]

World Dictionary of Grasses – Yoruba Grass Name

English – Yoruba Grass Name Thatchgrass – beere, bere Camel grass, lemon grass, true lemon grass, melissa grass, rosha grass, sweet rush, ginger grass, fever grass, citronella grass, mulch grass – koriko oba, koriko oyibo, kooko oba, oko oba, tii, eti, isoko Reeds, commom reed, ditch reed, bamboo reed, reed grass, yellow cane – ifu […]