Could it have hurt my adrenal glands?

A couple years ago I abused Mu Huang and ephidrine(if that’s spelled correctly)? Since then I’ve never quite felt the same. Constant jitters, sometimes feel like my heart is beating out of control and feel like I’m burning up a lot of times. The symptoms seem to be getting worse everyday. I’ve tried different herbs and things, even tried M.D.s, but to no avail. My system can’t seem to handle anything, such as herbs or medicine, they all seem to make the symptoms heighten. What can I do?

Ma huang (ephedra) and ephedrine can definitely burn out your adrenal glands. Imagine running a marathon then trying to go right to work. Giving your adrenal glands strong stimulants, like ephedra, is like making them run the marathon. Stimulants cause the adrenal glands to overwork, and when they are exhausted and they do not have the energy to work properly. Other stimulants, like caffeine also have adverse effects on the adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands provide many very valuable functions. They help with the immune system, blood pressure regulation, blood sugar regulation, metabolism, energy production, stress managment, etc. A little known fact is that the adrenal glands also help in hormone balance by secreting small amounts of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

The second area of the body strongly afffected by the use of stimulants is the nervous system.

I do not know what herbs you have tried, but I would suggest trying oatstraw which is an excellent source of silica and B vitamins which are both beneficial to the nervous system. Other strengthening herbs to the nervous system include juniper berries and rosemary. I prefer juniper berries, but they should only be used in small doses and take a break for a few days every 4th day to give your kidneys a break. Also watch your blood sugar since the berries are very effective in dropping blood sugar levels.

For the adrenal glands my favorite herbs are amla (amalaki, amlataki, Indian gooseberry), schisandra berries, and nettle leaf. If you cannot handle the herbs then I would suggest working on your nervous first with diatomaceous earth which is 80% silica. The remainder is 10% metal oxides (calcium, magnesium, etc.), and 10% moisture. So there is nothing in their you should react to. If you can handle it I would also suggest taking a liquid lecithin supplement. Lecithin is another substance which plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

You may have to do some experimentation until you find what works for you since you are not sure if it is the adrenals, the nervous system or both. Keep us informed.

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