Earth secrets

Things we don not know for sure – how it’s happening, how was created, how it is. Questions that people do not know the answer!

Middle jurassic paleogeographic maps

Stunning paleogeographic maps of Earth’s ancient landscapes

Ronald Blakey at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Blakey, a geologist, creates paleogeographic maps of Earth’s ancient landscapes. Ronald Blakey: I’m actually an artist. . . and so I understand colors and how colors blend and how you can overlay serveral colors or blend several colors together to get an effect and so forth. Now …

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Ancient Microbes

For decades, scientists assumed that Antarctica‘s Lake Vida was entirely frozen — and devoid of life. But Peter Doran suspected there might be liquid water — and even life — at the bottom of the lake. Peter Doran is an Earth scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 1996, he sampled the thick …

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The difficulty of space weather forecasting

We have plenty of trouble predicting weather here on Earth. What about predicting weather in the vast space between our planet and the sun? Geomagnetic storms in Earth’s atmosphere create enchanting displays of the northern and southern lights. But they can also damage satellites and spacecraft, disrupt communications systems, cause power outages and, potentially, injure astronauts. …

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Metallic Hydrogen

Deep inside the planet Jupiter, pressures reach millions of times those on Earth’s surface. There, the element hydrogen undergoes a radical transformation. I have read several science articles about there being metallic hydrogen at Jupiter’s core. If we could create this sort of metal here on Earth, what could it be used for? The element …

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