Earth secrets

Things we don not know for sure – how it’s happening, how was created, how it is. Questions that people do not know the answer!

How do herds form?

Nature enthusiasts are fascinated by herds of animals like elephants and elk But you’ll probably never see a herd of cats. Why some animals gather together as herds? Many animals display herding — or group-forming — behavior . There are three main ideas as to why. Protection from predators is probably the main reason. With …

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Ocean Guilds

The great white shark and the Salmon shark are closely related — each part of what’s called a shark “guild.” Up next — a scientist talks about tracking the movements of shark guilds. Speaking with Randy Kochevar, a scientist with California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium. Kochevar is principle investigator of TOPP — the Tagging of Pacific Pelagics …

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Ancient Microbes

For decades, scientists assumed that Antarctica‘s Lake Vida was entirely frozen — and devoid of life. But Peter Doran suspected there might be liquid water — and even life — at the bottom of the lake. Peter Doran is an Earth scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 1996, he sampled the thick …

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Bioenergy and Photosynthesis-Drawing by Michael Hagelberg

Carbon Below

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, makes up a tiny fraction of Earth’s atmosphere, and yet CO2 can have a big effect on long-term warming of our planet. A scientist talks about how Earth deals with CO2. And in the U.S., even though we have approximately 5% of the world’s population, we give off about a quarter …

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