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Planning The Perennial Garden 2

Planning The Perennial Garden

Man does not live by herbaceous perennials alone, even if his name is Bloom, and neither does a well-rounded garden. Like stage performers, they need to play off some scenery. This is where shrubbery comes into the picture. Consider the typical “foundation planting,” a common sight in the Americas but not Great Britain. Almost all-new …

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Potpourri: Makes Scents To Me 3

Potpourri: Makes Scents To Me

Flowers, herbs and spices have been used for thousands of years to add fragrance to our homes. From the earliest writings we have found evidence of the important various scents have played in our history. We can’t at all pout 18 inches of rose petals down in our homes the way Cleopatra did for Mark …

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Seeing Black-Eyed Susan 4

Seeing Black-Eyed Susan

As you contemplate the ruins of last summer’s garden and ponder miracles for next year, give sunny, black-eyed Susans a chance to work some for you. This rustic native plant is the cover story of the summer 1996 issue of The Quarterly Journal of The Perennial Plant Association, and that’s a considerable endorsement. The Quarterly …

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