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Bioremediation and Permaculture

Permaculture Bioregionalism and Your Backyard – Morrow R. 1993

Bioregionalism is a movement that reorganizes populations on natural and definable boundaries, in contrast to the artificial boundaries created by state and county lines. In a sustainable design, bioregion helps define the term local for the population. Bioregional stability can be measured by the reduction of imports and exports into the area, and the wealth …

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Nothing is simple. Everything is interconnected

Nothing is simple

Nothing is simple. Everything is interconnected. Do I like strawberries? Only if they’ve been sun ripened, organically or biodynamically grown and are the right variety for that area (warm climate strawberries like Red Gauntlet are tasteless in cooler climates) and not if they’re imported because I think it’s immoral to import strawberries, soft fragile little …

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New York ironweed plant

New York ironweed: Virginia Wildflower of the Year

A plant of great beauty, New York ironweed, Vernonia novaboracensis, fills moist fields and streamsides with its vibrantly colored, violet flowers from mid-Summer to Fall. Its striking appearance and widespread distribution throughout Virginia make it an excellent choice for the Wildflower of the Year. This plant is most frequently recognized by the common name New …

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Growing and saving seeds

When our pioneer forebears prepared for their westward trek, foremost among the few articles they could take with them were seeds. Carefully packed to protect against “varmints” and moisture, the seeds were a cherished possession, for they represented future food for family and livestock. Today the pioneer mentality again becomes meaningful. If I wish to …

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What’s a Tomatillo?

Shortly after my move to Southern California from Pennsylvania, I encountered a first class salsa bar. Brightly colored canisters offered exotic hot peppers, fresh lemon slivers and three varieties of homemade salsa. The first salsa was filled with chunks of tomato and onion, the second gave an aroma of cilantro and the third was green! …

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Apple Varieties

John Chapman was the real name of Johnny Appleseed. In the early 1800’s, from western Pennsylvania through Ohio and into Indiana he planted what was literally a boat load of apple seeds. Where is someone like that when you need a good Secretary of Agriculture? Fortunately, the question of what varieties of apples can be …

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Fringe-tree Old-Man's-Beard

The ethereal spring bloom of the fringe-tree, Chionanthus virginicus, qualifies this plant as one of North America’s most beautiful small flowering trees. Fringe-tree’s showy bloom delights any who visit this plant’s native habitats along streams, small rivers, and in drier sites at higher elevations throughout Virginia. Its unique natural beauty, longstanding use in horticultural settings, …

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