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Ending an Exercise Hiatus

I have been inactive for some time. How do I get back into exercise? The best answer is: slowly. Doing too much, too fast, is one of the quickest ways to end up back on the couch. Your best bet would be to begin a walking routine. Walking is arguably the easiest, most convenient way …

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Myths of spot-reduction

I’m basically petite and proportionate, but my upper thighs and hips are rather fat and wide. As a result, I’m not inclined to wear short skirts or even tight jeans. How can I lose the fat in these areas? Are there any exercises? Unfortunately, there’s no magical way to get rid of fat from a …

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Deep Back Stretch

Looking for a new stretch that targets your lower back? Here’s one that uses a partner to lengthen all the muscles — from your shoulders down through your spine. This exercise is not recommended if you have serious back problems. Stand approximately two feet from your partner, facing each other. Firmly grasp your partner’s hands …

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Ab Toss Catch and Curl

Pick up a ball for a new way to work your abdominal muscles. Here’s how to do the ab toss catch and curl correctly: Ab Toss Catch and Curl Lie on your back with your heels about three feet away from a solid wall and your knees slightly bent. While holding a medicine ball or …

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Synthetic vs. leather sneakers

What are the benefits of a synthetic/mesh construction compared to a leather/mesh walking shoe, besides weight? Leather shoes may be more durable and may keep moisture (like dew or rain) out a little bit better. They may hold their shape a little bit better. As for synthetic shoes, depending on the material, they may breathe …

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