Healthy Life

Balance your diet, balance your social life, balance you work, balance everything you’re doing, balance youself and this will keep you safe and healthy!

Diet by the Book

Atkins, Sears and Shapiro are right up there on the bestseller lists with authors Clancy, King and Steel. The popularity of diet books continues to soar, so we decided to check out a new one on the shelves: The Metabolic Typing Diet (Doubleday, 2000) by William L. Wolcott. Tester: Lori Davis, 41. “I exercise every …

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Lose Pounds Online

Over the past few years, both waistlines and Web surfing have been expanding at phenomenal rates, so it’s no surprise that online weight loss programs are popular. There is also some respectable research showing that using the Internet may help you lose weight, so we tested one site, Tester: Mariska van Aalst, 31. “When …

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High blood pressure

I just found out that my blood pressure is high. If I start exercising, drinking water, dieting and avoiding salts, how soon should I expect a change? Dear, How long it will take to lower your blood pressure depends on how high it is. If it’s just mildly elevated — say about 140/90 — it …

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Soy protects breasts

Bosom Buddy in a Bean Do soybeans help sideline breast cancer? One clue is that in Asia, where women get regular helpings of soy foods, the risk of breast cancer is lower than in the U.S. Now we have another indication that soy protects breasts. In a study of almost 1,600 Asian-American women in California …

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How to mentain healthy?

Q: I’ve just begun taking an interest in herbs I guess because of growing older and wanting to stay healthy in the coming years. A: A good place to start would be by taking cayenne pepper. It will improve your blood circulation, and good circulation is essential to your health. It will also revitalize your organs. You …

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Another famous standout is Martina Navratilova, who stressed that her performance in her tennis career was boosted remarkably by her meatless fare. Vegetables are the food of champions. Roger Hughes, Welsh National Ski Champion, said, “Being…vegetarian has helped make me into a better all-around athlete. With the extra energy a vegetarian diet provides, I’m also …

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