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Balance your diet, balance your social life, balance you work, balance everything you’re doing, balance youself and this will keep you safe and healthy!

Korean Health Secrets 1

Korean Health Secrets

“The ‘eating time rule’ is very important to me, meaning, no eating between meals. Mealtime should be very regular, no snacks, no soft drinks…” Journey with this mother-daughter team each week as they explore various vegetarian diets from all over the planet. By looking at the nutritional habits of cultures from Sri Lanka to Nepal …

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Reason #2 to Choose Vegetarian: More Energy and Endurance!

Nearly everyone desires more energy, yet few people make the connection between fatigue and eating meat! Most people, even health professionals, mistakenly believe that eating meat is necessary for good health and strength. In fact, eating animal flesh significantly reduces energy and contributes towards overall ill health. Scientific studies repeatedly show that a vegetarian diet …

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