How to stock a low-fat quick-meal pantry

Q: What basic ingredients would you suggest keeping around the house for a person who needs to cook quickly but doesn’t want to sacrifice taste?

A: My basic pantry contains ingredients that can be mixed and matched in a snap: canned, fat-free chicken broth; canned vegetable broth; chunky salsa; Italian seasoning;10-minute brown or white rice in a bag; flavored stewed tomatoes; flavored diced tomatoes; small-size pasta like orzo or angel hair; all kinds of canned beans (some flavored); extra virgin olive oil; large yellow onions; a garlic bulb; canned, low-fat cream soups; selection of frozen vegetables; red wine vinegar; canned potatoes; canned beets; canned chickpeas; peeled baby carrots; washed fresh baby spinach; fresh scallions; and frozen or fresh broccoli.

As a general rule, you can try mixing fresh ingredients with recipes that use prepared foods to cut time and add nutrients.

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