Baby bad breath – Treat infant with herbs and love

“My baby son is almost 20 months old. Since he was about 8-months-old my baby’s bad breath has smelled sour. He had a lung infection twice and gets diarrhea easily. Is this halitosis? Should I be worried?”

It really does catch your attention when you can smell baby bad breath (halitosis) in your baby. Just like in adults, keeping fresh breath requires keeping the mouth clean and brushing teeth.

Take care of baby with bad breath

Babies who have stuffy noses from colds or allergies may have post-nasal drainage that gives them an odor on their breath. Sinus infections can also cause to little ones bad breath.

Many babies regurgitate food and stomach acid into their throat without spitting up, a condition called gastroesophageal reflux. Babies with this problem may have had wet burps during their infancy or may have spit up more than other infants. As new foods are introduced, some of these may irritate the stomach causing more regurgitation.

treat your baby bad breathSome babies who reflux may have lung infections and even asthma, not to mention baby’s bad breath. Occasionally when a child doesn’t tolerate a food, such as dairy products, it will sour the stomach.

Try to take note when you notice the bad breath most to see if there is a food associated with it. And be sure to discuss it with your doctor so she can help you determine which of these situations may be.

If you find that the baby has bad breath, out of control with your doctor, can help him by cleaning the mouth. Can you give chamomile tea that will destroy bacteria and disinfects the mouth. Although the action of chamomile tea is also internal, however remember, a internal disease will not be solved with chamomile tea!

And yes, there are other herbs that cure baby’s bad breath (natural chinese herbal remedies)!

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