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Terra Preta 1

Terra Preta

In the Brazilian Amazon, the soil is poor. So farmers resort to slashing and burning trees to enrich the soil. It’s common wisdom that the natives have always practiced slash and burn techniques. But beneath the rainforest, small patches of rich, dark soil polka-dot the Amazon river basin. It’s known as Terra Preta — or …

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Pulsars Discovered 3

Pulsars Discovered

Imagine you’re an astronomy student gathering data, and suddenly your radio telescope receives regular signals from deep space. It happened to Jocelyn Bell in 1967. This is for Wednesday, November 28. On today’s date in 1967, a new kind of star was discovered by a graduate student at Cambridge University. Jocelyn Bell was sifting through …

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The Gilboa Forest 4

The Gilboa Forest

Flash floods are hardly unheard of in the Catskills. Our mountains commonly stand in the way of weather patterns, forcing rising air masses to generate sudden thunderstorms. A heavy downpour, in the upper, narrower valleys of the higher Catskills, can quickly overwhelm the drainage system and raise the levels of the streams. Schoharie Creek has …

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