Medical Folklore

The Encyclopedia of Medical Folklore

Theory of the Four Humors

Abstract The Theory of the Four Humors centers around the belief that the body is made up of four fluids: blood, phlegm, yellow bile (or choler) and black bile. The proportions of these fluids dictated the health and disposition or temperament of a person. This theory evolved further to include major organs, seasons, elements and …

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Gods of Sickness and Healing

A multicultural list Aesculapius – Greek god of healing Agni – Vedic god who caused fever Ashakku – Babylonian demon of fever Eshu Elegba – African trickster god, source of witches’ power to cause sickness Imhotep – Egyptian god of healing Innana – Babylonian goddess of fertility Mata – Northern Indian goddess who causes smallpox …

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History Egyptian medicine developed from 3200 B.C. to 30 B.C. within a culture that believed in an afterlife following death. The Egyptians believed that the vital life force of their kings and other important members of Egyptian society, such as priests and t he nobility, could return to reanimate their bodies. This created the necessity …