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When to stop bottle-feeding

When should I stop bottle-feeding? I have a two-year-old boy who drinks from a cup, but still asks for his “baba” (bottle) at least twice a day. My first baby relinquished her “baba” shortly after she turned one. She just handed it to me one day, said “no,” and wouldn’t take it again. However, my …

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Hyperthyroidism and nursing

I just found out I have hyperthyroidism. Are there any medications that I can take for this condition and still nurse my nine-month-old son? Radioactive iodine should not be used in either the diagnosis or treatment of hyperthyroidism in the breastfeeding mother, since the material can accumulate in the breast and can affect the infant’s …

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Rubella vaccine and pregnancy

As part of pre-conception planning, I received a rubella vaccination two months ago. At the time, my husband and I were advised to wait three months before trying to conceive. However, I’ve read that studies have shown that the vaccine has never been known to harm an unborn baby. Exactly how great is the risk? …

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The right infant formula

My four-week-old baby has been having problems with her formula. After switching her to a soy formula milk without success, our doctor advised us to put her on pet milk and a vitamin supplement. Will my baby get the necessary nutrition by going this route? The doctor says she does not have colic, but is …

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Diaper rash

Q: How can I tell if my daughter’s rash is something a doctor should look at? A: Diaper rashes that persist longer than 3-4 days and don’t respond to your usual diaper cream should be checked: The rash may be caused by candida (yeast, a fungus) and require antifungal therapy. Rashes elsewhere on the body should be …

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