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Removing ingrown toenails

My 14-year-old son has been treated for an ingrown toenail about six times in the past year. We have an appointment today to possibly have it permanently removed. Does the toenail on the big toe serve a specific purpose? Will he suffer any consequences by having it removed? The toenail’s primary purpose is to protect …

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Kids who can’t sleep

I’m nine years old, and I can never sleep! A couple of nights ago, I didn’t fall asleep until 5:00 a.m.! I don’t know whether to go to a doctor or not. You must be pretty sleepy during the day! Sleeplessness can have a variety of causes, including taking certain medications or drinking caffeine-containing beverages, …

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are pacifiers necessary

Are pacifiers necessary?

Is it better to let your child suck on a pacifier or not to? What can you tell me about pacifiers? Are pacifiers necessary? Pediatric experts disagree on pacifier use. The infant’s urge to suck is greatest in the first six months of life and declines thereafter. Some babies need more sucking to satisfy them …

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thermometer options

Thermometer options

A few nights ago, I checked my daughter’s temperature with one of those ear thermometers. It registered as 101 degrees the first time, but 10 minutes later, it read 99 degrees. Is an ear thermometer as accurate as other thermometers? Plus, how can I make sure I’m using it properly? Please, give some thermometer options! …

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how to prevent swimmer's ear

Swimmer’s ear

It’s still warm here and the children love to swim! What is the best way to prevent swimmer’s ear? The ear canal is the passageway leading from the outside world into the ear, and it is usually protected from infection by ear wax and by the skin lining the canal itself. Factors that can disrupt …

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