Natural remedies for insomnia

Q:  Are there any other herbal remedies for insomnia other than Valerian Root, and Melatonin?

A: Other herbs to consider for sleep include hops, chamomile, skullcap or even a stronger, standardized extract version of valerian. You might need a higher dose of the melatonin you tried. You can keep increasing it. Some people take 20 mg – you want to start low and work your way up.

Other considerations include 5-hydroxytryptophan (100-400 mg before bed), or prescription L-tryptophan (500-1000mg before bed). I usually tell people to take a kava extract 2 to 3 times during the day and then the sleep aid at night. Concentrate on stress reduction, meditation, relaxation exercises, exercise in general, and avoiding dietary stimulants and caffeine. Good luck.

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