Natural Remedies

Use natural treatments, remedies for every problem that you face.The nature is a garden which gives us everything we need, we just have to ask permission and take everything that helps us. Natural treatments means longevity, means health and beauty – outside and inside.


Modern biotechnological approaches could reveal medical and industrial uses for the same herbs and spices used in spaghetti sauce and other Italian fare, says Assistant professor Kalidas Shetty of the UMass Food Science Department. Shetty is researching the possibility of using thyme, oregano, savory, rosemary and sage for purposes such as preserving foods, preventing cancer …


Can tree gum lower cholesterol? Gugulmax (Nature's Herbs)

What it is Seeping through the small, spiny mukul myrrh tree native to India is a gum called gugul, which researchers in India believe lowers cholesterol, though the precise mechanism isn’t yet known. Products containing gugul’s active compounds are sold in India to reduce cholesterol. What research shows Indian studies show a 14% to 27% …

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Buying herbs – Play It Safe

They may be natural, but herbs still contain chemicals that can cause adverse reactions in some people. Here’s how to use them safely: Look out for side effects If you have an unpleasant reaction to an herb — dizziness, upset stomach, or headache from ingested herbs or skin reactions from topically applied remedies — stop …

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The Consumer's Guide to Alternative Medicine – Who's going to pay?

Though millions of Americans and others around the world have embraced alternative medicine, many insurance policies still have not. But that’s changing every day. American Western Life Insurance Company of Foster City, CA, now covers an array of alternative therapies including ayurveda and massage, while HMOs such as Oxford Health Plans have started expanding their …

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