Natural Remedies

Use natural treatments, remedies for every problem that you face.The nature is a garden which gives us everything we need, we just have to ask permission and take everything that helps us. Natural treatments means longevity, means health and beauty – outside and inside.

Ayurvedic secrets for teeth

Herbs and fruits with a predominantly bitter taste, coarse or biting helps cleaning the teeth: cloves, bay leaves, thyme, pepper, sage (this is indicated in the massage teeth), Mentha, basil, parsley and dill. Dental powder is a very easy mixture and may replace the ordinary toothpaste that you buy from the store and which contains too much fluoride. …

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The use of clay – therapy

Clay, a component of the Earth, the majority of soils, contains many minerals, trace elements and biological substances which ensure the life and health of animals and plants. Certain properties of clay-remineralizing, balancing and antitoxic- being used from antiquity until today as levers of maintenance of health and beauty. Types of clay Healing clay is …

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MDs with muscle – Osteopathic Medicine

If you’re basically comfortable with conventional care, but wish your physician relied a little less on prescription drugs and a little more on hands-on healing, a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) or osteopathy may be the way to go. Osteopathic physicians (osteopaths) graduate medical school, complete residencies and pass certification exams just like MDs. They …

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Harness your body's healing powers – Naturopathic Medicine

If alternative medicine were an art form, naturopathy would be its mosaic. That’s because its multi-faceted practitioners are trained in an array of therapies including clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage and conventional care. Naturopathic physicians (naturopaths) pride themselves on first preventing disease. That means replacing bad habits like smoking with …

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The back pain epidemic – Chiropractic

If there is strength in numbers, chiropractors are one of the strongest alternative medicine groups going. With more than 45,000 practitioners in the U.S., they are second only to physicians in providing primary care. Though some chiropractors have been criticized in the past for trying to treat everything through spinal adjustments, today’s chiropractors generally use …

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Cholestatin (Futurebiotics)/ Phytoquest (SeQuester, Inc.)

What they are Phytosterols are compounds in plant foods such as rice and soybeans. The most abundant, sitosterol, is the main ingredient in Phytoquest and Cholestatin. Sitosterol prevents dietary cholesterol from being absorbed in the small intestine by blocking the cholesterol’s absorption sites. What research shows “Sitosterol is very effective in lowering cholesterol in the …

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