The maharashi vedic approach to health

The Maharashi Vedic Approach to Health

Comprehensive programs to enliven the body’s own inner intelligence to prevent and treat disease and promote high level health and well being. In-depth health assessments are available with a physican or consultant trained in the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health. This consultation includes Ayur-Vedic pulse diagnosis – an ancient diagnostic technique to determine the degree …

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Issues in Aquaculture 1

Issues in Aquaculture

History Artisanal (subsistence) aquaculture has been around a long time. Generally low-intensity culture that relied on natural sources of propagules, water, and food, e.g. low-intensity shrimp culture in tropical areas, with yields of 0.1 kg m-2 y-1. Modern aquaculture involves extremely high densities of organisms (e.g. shrimp yields > 3 kg m-2 yr-1) , and …

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The difficulty of space weather forecasting

We have plenty of trouble predicting weather here on Earth. What about predicting weather in the vast space between our planet and the sun? Geomagnetic storms in Earth’s atmosphere create enchanting displays of the northern and southern lights. But they can also damage satellites and spacecraft, disrupt communications systems, cause power outages and, potentially, injure astronauts. …

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The I Ching – Trigrams

Click on the Trigram to see its Qualities (Binary Arrangement) Fu Hsi Arrangement | King Wen Arrangement Khwan (K’un) CONCEPT: Docility / Submissive / Earth. QUALITIES: Passive – Earth – Female – Receptive – Weak – Responsive – Yielding – Devoted – Flexible – Soft – Calm – Wife – Patient – Moderate – Empty …

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Human head lice

Get rid of head lice for good

Why does head lice appear to be on the rise these days? My daughters have always been instructed to take precautions and not share brushes, but have contracted head lice three times in the past year! Head lice treatments Head lice infestation in child care and school-age children is common in the U.S. and elsewhere. …

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Glacier lake floods

Glaciers Lakes Floods

Glaciers in the mountains of India, Nepal, and Tibet are melting . . . Lakes sometimes form on top of the glaciers. When they grow too rapidly, they burst over natural rocky dams and surge down river valleys — with the potential to destroy villages below. Japanese scientists spotted this hazard in the Himalayas in …

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The Chauvet Cave – The scientific research – Part 2

The Significance of the Cave The discovery came as a shock, and even non-specialists could recognize its originality and distinction. This response was caused by several aspects. The first is the kind of animals that were primarily represented here, namely rhinoceroses, lions, and bears. Generally, the animals depicted in Paleolithic caves are animals that were …

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