Spiralic principles

Spirals govern the Universe , ALL Life is Spiralic

All biological and Mental growth is Effect of two counter rotating spirals, the Double Helix. The Double Helix represents Yin as Centrifugal and Yang as Centripetal. All biological and Mental growth is Created by the counter-rotational forces of Yin and Yang manifesting within the Double Helix. This defines the origin of E-motion/Yin, and motion/Yang. This Principle applies on all planes and levels of the differentiated Universes.

Polarity is created by the undifferentiated source. All life, energy and vibration manifest within these poles as Spiralic movement. From the subtle evolution of DNA, to the creation of vast galaxies, one can see the Double Helix at work. This is the Nature of all phenomena and manifestation.

Comprehension of this Principle corresponds to development of the Chakral system. Within this perspective one can see the relationship of Yin and Yang on a Universal scale. Application of this Universal Principle to human consciousness effects Natural harmony and health, denial of this Principle causes chaos and pain. Macrobiotic Principles apply the Double Helix of Yin and Yang to the techniques of proper eating, drinking and breathing.

The result/effect is Natural and harmonious health in all aspects of the human condition. This defines the art of “Vibrational Correspondence to Universal Principles.

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