Stomach ache vs. something serious

How can I tell when a stomach ache is something more serious? What should I give my little girl when she does have only a stomachache?

How to recognize a stomach ache

A fever, lack of appetite and progressively worsening abdominal pain are worrisome signs that something serious – like an inflammation of the appendix, or appendicitis – is going on.

Often the fever is low-grade, such as around 100 degrees, and there’s no vomiting and/or diarrhea involved. However, one of the most variable and difficult symptoms in children to evaluate, even for the most experienced, is abdominal pain. If you’re worried, ask a doctor to check out your daughter.

If your daughter does have only a stomach ache, Tylenol may ease her pain. If her abdominal pain goes away – and stays away – with this, then it probably isn’t serious. We also recommend a light diet consisting initially of clear liquids, then advancing to simple foods such as crackers and toast.

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