13 Tips to Attract Prosperity and Abundance in Your Life

What is prosperity to you? When you think about prosperity, does your mind connect it to the money issue? If the answer is yes, than there is a misunderstanding somewhere. In fact, prosperity is an energy that can flow into your life, it’s a state of fulfilling. It flows only if you have enough space. It can also involve money because they are also energy, but it’s not only about money.

Many times, there is no space for flowing, just because we have so many things we don’t need. We carry with us old informational luggage, expired and useless. Old traumas, cliches, we carry with us the whole history of ourselves and of the people we get in contact with. There is no need to carry it, because we can access it anytime we need. If we stop complicating the life we have, if we tell our mind to shut up, then we can feel the prosperity and abundance flowing into ourselves and our lives.

Some Important Tips to Make Space and Attract Prosperity and Abundance in your life

Be Thankful

First of all, be thankful for everything you have. This means to acknowledge that you are surrounded and imbued with amazing things. Be thankful for your life because, without it, you can not enjoy this material world. Thank to those who are you parents and gave you life. Then be thankful for everything you eat and drink, so when you thank, this energy flows into you.

I always when I eat or I drink, I thank the food or the liquid and also I thank all the beings who participated so I can have that. To be thankful is a great energy that brings a lot more than what you can see or imagine. This energy transmutes the energy that can affect you physical body or the psychic.

Be Active

To be active it means to play with the energies around you. When you act, the energy is changing and bringing more, and more. If you are passive, then  it means you just like to live in your comfort zone where there are no risks. You just know everything and you can control.

Get out your comfort zone and act! Be ready for anything that comes. You can handle anything and in the end you will get the satisfaction which is pure prosperity!

Be Creative

Creativity is a part of prosperity system. To be creative means to let the energy to become something real. To create it is a gift you have to take good care of. When you can transform the thought into something real, touchable, it meand you are rich. Most of the time all the people around you can benefit from your creations.

Be Passionate

I am sure that deep down inside you, there is a strong will and a passion for something. Maybe you know which is your dream, maybe you buried it deep down inside, but there is a dream. If it’s down, search for it and bring it up. Use the passion and put it all in the dream and just go for it! With passion, work and with the help of the Universe, you dream will come true. And then it’s like that saying “With a strong will, you can move mountains”.

Be Wise

Use your brain. It has a great force and it can help you a lot. To be wise in this case means to know exactly when and what to do. To know when to act and when not, when to talk, and to shut up. The wisdom is the key of knowing the right time, of recognizing the truth around.

Be You

Never let people tell you who you are, unless it really helps you. Many times, the others think that they know everything. Imagine, they know when you are wrong…And if you believe them, then you give them power, so you loose… Trust yourself completely!! In this way, you never loose power and you can act completely.

Enjoy Life Every Moment

If you enjoy life, then this is a powerful energy and it means you are strong. Even if you are sad or angry, enjoy it, it still you and your life. Consider everything as a lesson. You learn and move forward. it might be helpful to realize that everything is changing from one moment to another, so just enjoy. Don’t get caught in your mind illusions!


have you noticed that many successful people are meditating? I was really surprised of some of them – it was like I did not expect, but as we should’t have expectations….

Meditation it is a wonderful part of everyone’s life. I assure you, if you start to meditate, your life will change completely. Meditation helps us, guide us through life.

Eat Healthy

You probably wonder what food has to do with prosperity. Well, food is energy. If you eat good, healthy food, then this is good energy, it a good vibe. Instead, if you eat stupid stuff, then your body has to suffer, also the mind. Everything is chemistry. If you bring suffering to your life, then there is no prosperity.


Exercising keeps you fit. You look good, you like yourself, you enjoy life, so this is prosperity. Exercise and this will keep you on the wave. It will grow your self-esteem and you will simply love yourself!

Be Aware of what You Really Need

Don’t wish for things you don’t need. Many people wish for things they see at others, but they don’t really need them. When you start to wish something, you start to give energy to that wish, so that it can come true. If it is something you don’t need, it means you waste you energy and time. After you get the thing, you throw it away. It means you throw away your energy and time, so, where is the prosperity in here?

Do not Waste

This is a really important rule in life. Do not Waste!!! To waste, it means that you do not care and that you are not aware. If you are not aware, things are happening without you. The life is living you, it is not you living the life.

Let Nature Be Your Teacher

Only the nature has the whole, complete truth, and if you let go your mind and connect with nature, she can teach you everything you need to know. You just need to have an intention, to trust and to listen, taste, watch, hear, feel the truth. In order to be able to do that, just have long walks in nature, preferably stay as much as possible in nature. Work with it!

I truly hope that it is helpful to share with you all these ideas. These tips helped me a lot in life and this is the reason I choose to share them with you. All these ideas are a collection of my life experience and of my spiritual work. If only one person can get something out of the energy I share through this article, I am completely satisfied! Be Well and Happy!

What you have in your mind?