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Walk Away Depression

Twenty years of research have shown that plain, old garden-variety walking can help you if you have mild or moderate depression. And a recent study allows us to get very specific: More than 11 miles of walking a week (that’s a little more than 1 1/2 miles a day) can turn that frown upside down. …

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Gift Guide for Walkers

Discover your walking friend’s “walking personality,” and find a perfect gift to match for any occasion. Looking for a gift for a special walking buddy? You may be overwhelmed by the choices that will add comfort, convenience or style to dedicated walkers’ lives. So, we’ve made it simple! Just take a moment to match your …

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Marathon Mania – 10 must-have tips for first-time marathoners

1. Set a comfortable pace on training walks. Many first-timers don’t realize they need to pace themselves in order to last the whole marathon. 2. Increase your distance gradually. Newbie feet aren’t ready for long distance. Too much too soon just means injuries and soreness, not speed. 3. Moderate your pace on your long training …

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Top 10 Fat-Blasting Exercises

Want to get rid of that jiggle on your thighs fast? Try these. Activity Calories burned(per 30 minutes*) Bicycling, vigorous (15 mph) Jogging (10 to 12 min. miles) Swimming, vigorous Cross-country ski machine Spinning class (indoor cycling) Jumping rope, slowly Tennis, singles Hiking, uphill Inline skating Walking, uphill (3.5 mph) 340 340 to 272 340 …

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Posture 101

Growing taller, feeling lighter These two exercises will help you learn to use your muscles in a new way and take pressure off your lower spine, lift your body, improve your posture and free your hips for a more fluid stride. My clients often report feeling more breathing space, (i.e. less emotionally pressured) when they …

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