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Calf Stretches

Stretching prevents injury and fosters free-flowing, graceful movement. Tight muscles can lead to tears, pulls and strains, even for fitness walkers. Stretch every time you walk. On your days off, stretch. Always warm up before stretching by walking for a few minutes at a leisurely pace. And stretch when you’re done. You’re probably familiar with …

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Shapely Shoulders

Exercise your upper body for a change with these six simple shoulder shapers. Your thighs may be great. Your butt, too. But even though striding, sweat flying, through the neighborhood does wonders for your lower body, the effort’s all but lost above your waist. To tone your upper back, arms, and shoulders, you have to …

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Portion-Control Gazpacho

Curbs appetite before a meal so you eat less High fiber fills you up Intense flavor satisfies your tastebuds 3 c. low-sodium tomato juice 2 med. tomatoes, just ripe (not overripe), cut into 8 pieces ea. ½ lg. cucumber with peel, sliced thickly ½ Vidalia onion, quartered 1 sweet green pepper, quartered ½ c packed …

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