Would cloned humans have the same fingerprints?

Would cloned humans have the same fingerprints? 1

Like clones, identical twins have the same genetic blueprint. Their fingerprints are similar, but not identical.

The answer is no they wouldn’t, Darren. We know because — though no scientist has cloned a human — clones already walk among us in the form of identical twins. Identical twins are clones because they have the same genetic blueprint.

The fingerprints of identical twins are very similar — 95 percent alike. But there are measurable differences that fingerprinting experts can detect. They’re not a hundred percent alike because even twins experience tiny differences in their environment in the nine months from conception to birth. As a result, some genes are activated — and some get shut off. The result is small physical differences even in identical twins.

In fact, clones can look quite different from one another. Take the case of C.C., the cloned calico kitten. C.C.has a different fur pattern from her clone. That’s because the genes controlling the calico color pattern are on the female’s two X chromosomes, and they can be different from each other — say, one gene for orange and one for black. These genes get turned on and off randomly during development — that’s what makes the random orange and black blotches on a calico kitten.

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