Essential Oils work on 5 levels

  1. Physical – Essential oils are the most potent forms of herbal energy. They have antiseptic and immune stimulating effects; the first choice for every day first aid.
  2. Emotional – Essential oils stimulate memories, our conscious and subconscious, our basic drives and hormones. They aid the treatment of depression, stress conditions and grieving processes.
  3. Energy – Essential oils are used on acupuncture meridians, chakras and subtle energy points.
  4. Cellular – Essential oils are good wound healers, regenerative to skin tissue for scars. They maintain a moisture level in the skin and protect from infection.
  5. Many cultures and societies for many years for prayer, meditation, ritual, magic, mysticism, purification and celebration have used spiritual -essential oils. Many believe it brings focus and deeper meaning to our existence.

What is your thought?

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